Studio Zweihander


Mice on Venus is a detective simulation game based around investigating cases with ambiguous morality.

Mankind has left Earth, setting up colonies floating in the upper atmosphere of the planet Venus. You play as a Private investigator who’s job is to solve cases assigned to them by the worlds Citizens, where it’s up to you how to go about solving each of the cases.

Each case plays out similar to a play, where the worlds citizens follow their own simulated schedules throughout each day. The player must navigate these routines to intercept targets, follow leads and gain information.






Radiant Citizens

The game world is populated by simulated Citizens. Each ones has their own assigned home and friends. Each goes about their daily routines and schedules.

Inspection Mode

At any point the player is able to enter INspection Mode. While inspecting the player can translate foreign scripts, inspect items in the environment and track targets.

The Personal. Digital. Assistant - PDA

THe player is expected to keep track of their findings and clues with their own notes. At any time the player can create a new notes, store clues and inspect previously found items of interest.

Simulated time

Each of the games cases is based around the current time of day. Key scenarios happen at scripted points throughout each day cycle, requiring the plaeyr to properlyh time manage each of their leads.

 Dynamic Narrative

At the start of each case the player will be given a core objective; Find my wife, spy on this person, infiltrate this group etc. The player is then given a few initial threads, then it’s up to them aloone to decide how they see out the rest of the case.

contextually aware Soundtrack.

Depending on the scenareo the soundtrack layers in and out part of the soundtrack to best suit the mood. Many movies have soundtracks that are ‘scored’ to the scene, so why shouldn’t game?