What is Zweihander?

Studio Zweihander was formed in 2015.

I created Zweihander to be used as my branding for all of my personal projects. My current primary one being Mice on Venus

Who am I?


I am Callum Hancock.

I studied at Nottingham Trent University from 2016-2018, working towards my BSc. In this time I have had many opportunities to undertake ambassadorial roles at venues such as the National Videogame Arcade and for EVE_NT, the UK’s national EVE online community event. I have had the honour of having my first game hosted at that same NVA in 2016 and since then have focused on my current project, Mice on Venus; developing it to the position where it stands as my primary portfolio piece. I ultimately won NTU's Game of the Year award for my efforts on the project.

In 2018 I was hired by Foundry 42 to work on Star Citizen as a Junior Live Designer. While in my free time I still dedicate myself to my personal work.

In late September I had the privalage of showcasing the project so far at EGX in Birmingham. Later that same year, I went on to showcase again at Dreamhack Winter in Sweden.

Me - Callum R. Hancock

Me - Callum R. Hancock