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NHS CAHMS - Mental Health Game



The Mental Health game was preposed to our team through University in early 2018. 


The game is designed for the siblings of children dealing with various mental health problems. The design and function is similar to that of educational learning games, however it's function is of course slightly different. 


In  the game the player starts by choosing some options about themselves; do you like dogs, cats etc. Then the player is sent off to spend some time in a 'theraputic getaway' village. There the player will have options to play mini games, talk to the NPCs about their problems and learn facts about the various mental health issues that people they know may be suffering with. As the player progresses they build a profile of issues that they can return to at any time, providing links to more documentation and help if they wish to read more about the issues indepth. 


The project is ongoing in it's current form only acts as a playable proof of concept for the CAHMS/NHS team.

The team has consisted of a team of 4 members. My role has been to program the various technical ellements including mechanics, implementation and functionality. 


(All Mechanics mentioned were produced solely or in-part by myself).



Mini games

Throghout play the player is presented with various mini game cenarious that are used as both distractions from the issues at hand, and in helping the child to learn more about them.

Stamp Collection

Throughout play the player interacts with various other entities and performs various tasks. Often times for completing these tasks the player is rewarded with a stamp in their Stamp Collection. Each stamp signifies a certain issues, and when the player has learned enough ingame about a given issue they're given a stamp about. 


Qoutes  :  Throughout play when talking to NPCs they will occasionally offer words of encouragement or advice. If the player so chooses they can 'capture' a candid part of what that NPC said about the issue. Then that quote will be stored under the given issue so that the player can read it back at a later date. 


Resources  :  Whenever the player learns about a new issue or equally when they achieve their stamp in that area; they are able to click on it to open up a page containing more information on it. Doing so the player will be given some links to extra resources they wish to access regarding the issue. 


Taylored to the player  :  When the player loads the game for the first time they're given a set of questions. These allow the games various elements to be tailored specifically for them. This includes the NPCs. As the NPCs are supposed to be used as a conduit for the player to speak into they should be designed to be as approachable as possible. As such when the player selects such options as 'What thing do you find most approachable' then the NPCs are switched to this. For instance; if the player likes animals then the NPCS will be animal people. If the Player however prefers people, then they will simply look like normal people.


Followers  :  occasionally in some mini-games and scenarios the NPCS will follow the player around the map, tailing them wherever they go.