In 2015 I formed Zweihander, and ever since I have dedicated myself to developing games as an independent studio. My goal is to continue this throughout University, building up the brand as my primary portfolio piece. 
I am studying at Nottingham Trent University on the Games Technology course, working towards my BSc. In this time I have had many opportunities to undertake ambassadorial roles at venues such as the National Videogame Arcade and for EVE_NT, the UK’s national EVE online community event. I have had the honour of having my first game hosted at that same NVA in 2016 and since then have focused on my current project, Mice on Venus; developing it to the position where it stands as my primary portfolio piece. 



Mice on Venus - Solo Development

January 2017 – Present

  • This project demonstrates my proficiency with all facets of development as every element bar music I produced myself.
  • During the three month period between the first and second year of University I was able to keep up a persistent routine while working on the project.
  • This project was designed as part-assessment, part-portfolio piece, enabling me to be responsive and efficient throughout the production process and enabling the optimal utilization of time during the academic year.

Link to project –


NHS CAHMS, Mental Health Game - Engines

January 2018 - Present

  • As a module of our course I was chosen to work closely with the CAHMS team to develop an educational game for young children struggling with Mental Health issues.
  • At this time I have attended several meetings containing various NHS workers to review progress and internally test the project with the targeted audience, altering the project based on their feedback. 


FMP, Project Lifespan - Project Lead

October 2015 - April 2016

  • As our final college piece we were given the freedom to develop self-directed projects. This allowed me to recruit two other students and to cultivate my skills in direction & management.
  • The title was ultimately impressive enough to earn a showcase at the National Videogame Arcade in 2016.
  • Although we were taught UE4 and Blueprints I chose to produce the project in Unity/C#. Thanks to this I was able to develop a much broader understand of both engines in a shorter timeframe. 


Game Jams:

Masters Game Jam, Confetti Industry Week - Programming and Engines

March 2018

The game forced players to race to the top of the map using their grappling hooks. Although multiplayer, it utilized a single 360 gamepad. Each player used a single thumbstick and their respective 4 face buttons in a manner similar to a Switch controller. The project was developed within only a 6 hour window.


Anvil Hack, London - Engines work

February 2018

A game utilizing VR functionality to enable others to communicate via SMS with a player in a VR environment.


Movie Game Jam, Remote – Solo Development

February 2018

Inspired by Blade Runner, the project utilized voice recognition techniques to test the players responses to see if they were a ‘Replicant’.


Link to project –   

Global Games Jam, Nottingham - Programming and Engines:

January 2018

Two projects were developed over the event. A VR city-management/building simulation game featuring Tetris-inspired vertical stacking. Secondly, A VR detective experience requiring players to observe simulated characters’ routines to catch a spy.


Link to project -


Brumhack, Birmingham - Programming and Engines:

November 2017

A two-player VR experience using a single HMD and inspired by Steel Battalion; each user received half of the information required to play, forcing them to communicate to operate their vehicle.


Link to project -


PlustenGaming/EVE_NT (2015 - 2018) - Staff

October 2015, 2016 and 2017

Longest-serving support staff member in the organisation’s history. My responsibilities have been to oversee demonstrations of pre-release titles including Valkyrie and Gunjack, and to provide front-of-house services, set-up and tear-down of equipment and even managing a Poker tournament. 

Strangely Games, Full Moon Jacket - Testing

March 2017 - December 2017

Working closely with Paul Allen, the sole creator of the project, attending scheduled playtesting events and ensuring balance in gameplay and design, providing feedback on art direction and formatting of cards and other elements through numerous iterations of the game. 

GameCity 2016 - Staff

October 2016

Assisting industry attendees setup & tear-down equipment throughout each day of the festival, and providing any further assistance they required. Alternating between venues in Nottingham city centre, attending to guests and managing stations. Throughout the event I was able to garner serval lasting relationships with industry guests. 

Mantic Games – Testing [Dreadball Seasons 5&6]

March 2015

Attending scheduled in-house playtesting days and partaking in off-site playtesting sessions. I was responsible for analysing rules to ensure clarity, testing for balance in gameplay and design while providing feedback directly to studio representatives. 


Nottingham Trent University, University - FdSc Games Technology, Computer Games & Programming Skills

Distinction, Distinction, Merit (year 1)

2016 – Present

Throughout University I have been able to utilize the boost in learning I had given myself in College. Ultimately this has kept me on track and ahead of the curve, allowing me to learn and develop independently in a more stress-free environment I created for myself. My developed knowledge of our tools gave me a reputation among other students as someone to turn to for advice and guidance in engines, scripting and modelling. 

Confetti Institute of Creative Technology, College - Creative Media Production, Games Development.

Merit, Merit

2014 – 2016

At college I had the opportunity to present my projects both internally and externally, with positive reception throughout. I took the chance to develop my understanding in tools beyond simply the ones taught in session, and this allowed me to develop a much broader skillset. This gave me the confidence and ability to more easily adapt to new programs and situations.

Carlton Le Willows Academy, Secondary School

GCSE; 5 A-C Including English & Maths

2009 – 2014

Within school I partook in the Films and Astronomy clubs, while outside I was heavily involved with the Nottingham Clarion and I rose to become a Leader within the Scouts, overseeing dozens of events. During my final years I helped setup, promote and run a charity campaign helping the local CTFC after an arson attack. 


3D Modelling

Autodesk 3ds Max 

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Mudbox

Blender (Intermediate)


(UE4) Blueprints


Java (Intermediate)

Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop

Quixel Suite


Unreal Engine 4 

Unity 5