Flatopolis was created as part of the Global Game Jam 2018. It was developed by myself (Callum Hancock) & Matthew Farnsworth.

The intention was to create a VR Jenga style game where the player would be given prefab apartment pieces. Each prefab represented a unique building function such as Residential, Retail etc. Each preble type influences the prefabs around it. The intention was to mix Jenga with city management. However the interface through which we displayed effects on the surrounding buildings was inadequate. As such this project was dropped half way through the Jam in favour of Transmiscomunications. We both wish to come back and polish the project at a further date, as we feel it's still a compelling game.









Please note that this was a project created in roughly 24 hours. It is not intended to be played as a real game. Performance is not optimized and gameplay is spars. Things are broken and you will encounter bugs.

If you have any thoughts or feelings please get in contact with me. Any feedback is appreciated.