Studio Zweihander




Transmiscommunications was created as part of the Global Game Jam 2018. It was developed by myself (Callum Hancock) & Matthew Farnsworth.


The game was our second project worked on over the 48 hour jam.


This second project took the form of a VR detective experience requiring players to observe simulated characters’ routines, with the intention of catching a spy.


Although otherwise working, issues with the nav mesh stifled the core gameplay. Due to our lack of sleep we decided to cut the project short. We both wish to return to this project, clean it up further and fix the issues with the navigation mesh at a later date.







Radiant Citizens 

Throughout each of the games environments tiny citizens were placed. Although their routines were simple, they allowed for the mechanics to be facilitated. 


Jobs  :  Each person has their own routine that they attend to. Whether that be walking to work each day and sitting at the same PC or patrolling a park grounds, each NPC acts out the same routine each day. This was done to allow the player to learn which AI were performing normal tasks, and have it be made more obvious.


As the main mechanic of the game, the player has to spot the 'odd one out' in each of the levels. That odd one being the Thief. 


Goal  :  In each of the scenarios the thief has a defined goal. For instance, in the sample level created during the jam it was his task to infiltrate a telecommunications building and steal information from a server room. This goal of course does not match up with the usual themes of the other NPCs. 


The player acts out the role of the investigator. It's their task to figure out which NPC is the spy. In this endevour the player has several tools. 


Blueprint  :  For each of the levels the player is given a 'building plan'. Although considse this document does not neccessirly portray the building as it currently stands. It's content may now be outdated and some intel on the much deeper sections of the building may be completely unknown. This level of unknown about he iner working of some of the enviorment. 


intel  :  along with the information the player gets on the locations blueprints, they also get some minor Intel. This inludes things such as; what the player is looking for, why and 


Peaking and fingering  :  The challange of each map comes from the awkward nature of pearking into each buildings. To get an idea of what'sgoing on in each room, the player needs to shuffle from window to window, trying to get a good look inside. 


Once the player is certain that they're spotted their man, then they need to 'finger' him, using the motion controls. The player must do this upon that NPC leaving the building that they were in. The added challange comes from remembering who it was. 



Please note that this was a project created in roughly 24 hours. It is not intended to be played as a real game. Performance is not optimized and gameplay is sparse. Things are broken and you will encounter bugs.

If you have any thoughts or feelings please get in contact with me. Any feedback is appreciated.