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Void Kompff was created as part of the Movie Game Jam 2018.

As the name suggests the aim of the Jam was to create a game inspired by a specific scene from your favourite movie. Naturelly Blade Runner was chosen.
The aim of the game was to reimagine the original Voight Kampff test, while infusing it with elements of the Baseline test from Blade Runner 2049. The game utilizes voice recognition as it's primary input. The NPC across the table recites baseline-style statements, and the player must repeat back the appropriate phrase.

Ultimately the project was a success and the voice recognition works perfectly. However ultimately the script was left unfinished due to work obligations. I plan on returning to the title to clean it up and develop a full script with Mathew in the future.


(Formerly Void Kampff due to copyright rules during the Jam)







Voice Recognition

Initially the game was to use a mixture of eye & voice recognition. However early tests with eye tracking did not work out. Ultimately voice recognition proved immersive and allowed the player to voice like they were in the hot seen during the interrogation.

Judgement  :  Although the voice recognition proved reliable the added benefit of mishearing the player in this context allowed the game to log each time the player got a statement wrong. Ultimately at the end of the game this was considered and the game judged weather or not it thought the player was a replicant.



Please note that this was a project created in roughly 24 hours. It is not intended to be played as a real game. Performance is not optimized and gameplay is sparse. Things are broken and you will encounter bugs.

If you have any thoughts or feelings please get in contact with me. Any feedback is appreciated.